How To Create an Outstanding Expert Profile?

As an Expert,  it’s essential to create a good brand and Expert profile – a complete profile. Your brand is about your business and your Expert profile is about yourself.

A customer will know more about you through your brand and your Expert profile, so a complete profile helps build trust within the community of Experts and customers. By creating a complete profile, you will potentially attract more customers to book a session of yours.

Therefore, here are some tips and examples to help you create a good, ready-for-customer-bookings profile. Let’s get started!

Expert Profile

  1. A great Expert profile picture

In many aspects, this may be the most crucial part of creating your profile. Expert profile images need to be bright with good lighting, rather than dark and blurry.

We recommend a profile photo size of 600×600, a ratio of 1:1.

  1. Describing yourself 

The key to making a good Expert profile is to describe yourself well. Your occupation, the country you come from will help the customer identify you more. 

A great way to stand out is by adding extra information. Since Expert Republic is a platform for Experts and customers from all around the world, it is recommended to update the country you are providing your services from and the languages you speak. This is just another way of building trust and making your Expert profile look pitch-perfect for customer booking

Keep it nice and simple and try not to be too formal.

Write 2-3 paragraphs up to 1000 characters. The more information you can write about yourself, the better. Talk about your past experiences of doing similar services online or offline, your clientele, what makes you suitable to provide the service (your qualifications and achievements), and the impact you can make on your future customers.

Explain what you’re passionate about, and share how the skills you provide will benefit your customers. In the end, you can also mention something interesting about yourself to help customers get a good glimpse of you. 

An example of a good profile description: 

Hey, I’m Diane from Sweden! I’m a personal coach. For me a personal coach is someone who helps you do better, perform better, be better. As a coach, I help clients make choices that are more aligned with their values when they feel they’ve strayed from the path. 

I’ ve been coaching individuals from various backgrounds over the last 15 years. At first, I ran my coaching practice part time while working as a manager for an international consulting firm and now I am a full time coach. I started conducting online sessions soon after the pandemic arised. 

I received my personal coaching certificate from New York University in 2005. I also hold a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) credential with the International Coaching Certification, which is the second-highest level of coaching credential one can earn.  

Great change requires support and I want to support others and help them reach their full potential. 

Oh! Also, apart from coaching, I love camping in the forest and I also own a small tomato garden. 

3. Professional Qualifications

Years of experience and the proficient languages can be mentioned in here to let customers know more about your expertise.

Here is an example of an Expert profile:

Your Brand

If you already have an established brand, you can use it to position yourself among customers. You can choose a catchy name or even your name as your brand name. 

If you don’t have a brand name : 

Expert Name: Anaya Rodriguez

Type of service Expert provides: Yoga and Meditation

Suggestions : 

  • Yoga by Anaya
  • Anaya Yoga

Brand Description: Your brand will deliver more about your business and what you provide. Having a brief description of your achievements and transformations will help customers build safety and trust in your brand. 

Your brand name is what would be on your URL: This can be shared on social media to spread the word.

Customers want to know who you are and why you’re uniquely qualified to be an Expert.

A great profile is the key to distinguishing yourself from other Experts and inspiring customers to book your services, so take your time and craft your profile to showcase the professional Expert that you are.  Read more about becoming an Expert.