How To Create a Pitch-Perfect Service on Expert Republic?


Wondering how to create a great service on Expert Republic? Let’s talk about transforming your idea into a great one.

These steps can help you build a connection with customers, and create services that can attract more bookings!

Here are some of the best practices and guidelines to help you create a great service:

  1. Upload a Service Image 

Service images are the window-display to your service, this can either be an illustration, a banner image or even a picture of you conducting your online sessions. 

Recommended service image size : A landscape image of size 660 x 375 px.

Here are some service image examples for inspiration: 

Example of a service image of a cooking service
online yoga
Example of a service image of a fitness service
Example of a service image for a counselling service
  1. Service Title

Your service title is one of the first impressions you can make. A great title can attract potential customers to click on your service and read more. Keep in mind that there’s a limit of 80 characters, so it’s important to be straightforward and clear about what you will be providing in your service title. 

  1. Service Details

In this section, include an itinerary to set expectations for customers before booking. Describe exactly how the session will take place. A clear, elaborate description is the foundation for a successful service since bad reviews or unhappy customer sessions are often based on unmet expectations.

Include what to expect and what to have before booking the session, this way the customer will be prepared well for the session. 

Example of a good service description: 

Scaling your startup is one of the toughest things every founder faces, and the most important thing that defines your startup’s future. For startups looking to expand their operations and upgrade their game, I can provide tips on adapting to a scaled-up team and workload without compromising performance or margins. Let’s get the basics down and prepare your startup to scale up.

Things that will happen in the session: 
-Discussions about your startup
-Discussions about startup goals and visions 
-Discussions about the current startup problems
-Discussions about the approaches that can be taken to scale your startup
-Scheduling the session again.
Think big, to become big!
  1. Update the duration and price 

The duration and price of your service determines the overall value of your service. Customers want a good deal, so you have to balance their expectations and give value to the customers. We recommend keeping your price aligned at the industry average.

The maximum duration of your service will be limited to 1 hour, the reason why it’s limited to just 1 hour is because based on research, humans struggle to be focused when the sessions are long.

Based on the service that you provide, you can set your duration. Analyse the time you would require to give a full and satisfactory service for the customer and update the duration.

You are now ready to start promoting your brand and services to a wider range of customers. Provide a great service to your customers, so they would recommend you among their friends. 

Encourage your customers to add a review at the end of each session so that it can help you gain more customers in the future. You can also share your service URL on social media to reach out to customers worldwide. 

You’re the sole captain of the image you promote in the Expert Republic community. Create great services which leaves your customers with a new perspective— a new skill learnt, a problem solved or a vision established.  

Ready to create your services?

Creating your service can be done through the Expert Republic app. Our team will then review your services and let you know if it’s been approved within 24 hours. Once it’s approved, your services will be active on the Expert Republic app for customer bookings.